Food and Allergy Information

At Passages Adventure Camp we provide all food and snacks for our campers throughout the day.  From cold cut sandwiches, to burgers and dogs, to pepperoni subs, we want your campers to have the fuel required for a day on the island!  Any camper may pack their own lunch and we will keep it in our cooler for them. They are always welcome to anything we are serving as well.

Passages is NOT a nut-free camp.  Peanut butter is typically served at lunch but is served away from the rest of the food.  We make every consideration we can on a case-by-case basis to allergies.  Epipens and other medication will be stored in our first-aid kits and kept with your campers.  Wet-naps and hand sanitizer are also provided at lunch.  If you have any specific questions please contact the Camp Registrar - Julie Appleby.