Group events are great for schools, businesses, teams, clubs, and more!

Group Day Pass

We can comfortably accommodate most groups for instruction and climbing. Have fun with your group or summer camp.

Group Day Pass – Top Rope/Auto-Belay (Includes Free Harness and Training)

5-20 climbers – $16/person
21+ climbers – $14/person

Auto Belay use includes FREE training for anyone 16 and older on how to use the auto-belay systems. Anyone trained on how to use the auto-belays may supervise children under 16 on the machines.  Learn more about our TruBlue Auto-Belay systems here.

For Top Rope use, get your chaperones belay certified for your event ahead of time with a FREE Learn the Ropes Belay class. There is no additional cost for chaperones who are only belaying for climbers.

You may rent Staff Belayers for $20 per hour/per staff.  We staff on a 1:5 belayer to climber ratio i.e. 20 climbers would require 4 staff.  50% of total staff cost is due at the time of booking.  3 weeks notice required.

 *Reservations are required by calling (804) 897-6800


Learn the Ropes belay class

This can be your first stop if you are new to climbing or belaying. You will learn the basics of rope management, knot tying, harnesses, and belaying. Once you pass the Peak belay test, start on your FREE two-weeks of day passes with rental gear included and climb with your friends whenever you want, as much as you want.  More info here.

5-20 climbers – $35/person
21+ climbers – $30/person

 *Reservations are required by calling (804) 897-6800
 *Participants must be 13 years or older

High Adventure Challenge


This advanced program is all about fun and teamwork! It takes your team high off the ground with the thrill of our High Challenge Course. Our indoor High Challenge Course engages participants in overcoming perceived limitations, increasing self-confidence, practicing group support strategies, recognizing personal strengths and limitations, exploring team roles, and examining goal achievement and risk taking. It’s challenging and fun.

 $45 per person minimum of 6, maximum of 20 (this is a partner based activity so even numbered groups are recommended)
 Allow 2-4 hours for the event depending on your group size.

 *Reservations are required by calling (804) 897-6800