Pure Roots Nutrition Workshop 2/26

When: Monday, 2/26 8-9PM  FREE

 Class title: Fill Your Plate to Fuel Your Climb


Description: Did you know that the food and drink you consume throughout the day can boost your energy levels or deplete them? Support sustained mental focus or contribute to a foggy brain? Can make your digestive system inflamed or smooth and predictable? Build and heal muscle faster or contribute to a stifled recovery? Come learn how to simply fill up your plate day-to-day with foods that work for you. And know this isn’t about dieting or calorie counting, but rather consistently eating wholesome foods that truly fuel you so you can focus on what really matters – climbing.

Both vegetarians and meat eaters are welcome!

About Shelly

Shelly Rose is a Nutritionist and Natural Foods Chef. She’s the owner of Pure Roots Nutrition, which is dedicated to fueling the lifestyles of outdoor adventurers and fitness enthusiasts. She teaches hands-on practical skills and the knowledge needed to cook real food, eat well, and live a life you love. She applies these concepts to her own daily life so she can spend more time backpacking, trail running, kayaking, and climbing to her heart's content.

Peak members get discounts on Pure Root's seasonal Guided Sugar Cleanses ($30 off) as well as on 1-1 consults (15% off; openings are limited). Email Shelly for details.

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Evolv_ShoeDemo flyer- oracle 2018.jpg

We have another Evolv Shoe Demo scheduled for Wednesday February 21st from 4-8:30pm.  During this time all Evolv shoes including special orders will be 20% OFF!!  This is also a great opportunity to try out shoes if you're planning on taking advantage of our member drive.  We will have the NEW Oracle, Night Hawk, Sky Hawk in the kit as well as the 2017 models!  We hope to see you there!

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Evolv oracle_1 image.jpg

Training Talk w/ Dave Robinson of Get Strapped, Stay Strapped


February 12 at 8 pm FREE
Peak Midlothian

Let's do "Efficient Dietary and Training Principles for Optimal Performance"

"Many of us are aware of the importance of exercise and eating well both for long term health as well as performance… but, beyond that understanding, how do you really know that the work you’re doing in the gym and what you’re eating is ACTUALLY getting you closer to your health and fitness goals?" 

Dave Robinson of Get Strapped Stay Strapped discusses how to discover your “Why”, the importance of setting proper goals, and what you can do both in the gym and in the kitchen to help you most efficiently reach the goals you set!"

Dave provides 12 week individualized goal oriented training programs and is offering Peak Members 10% off!  Contact Dave through Facebook and his website.

Bio - Dave Robinson is an elite Spartan Obstacle Course Racer and fitness consultant that founded his inspirational, life-changing company Get Strapped Stay Strapped in late 2016. Making waves in the fitness industry with his deep passion for nutrition, exercise and wellness, Dave is constantly pushing himself as well as others to realize their maximum potential.  Dave’s philosophy derives from his tag line “Grind On” where incorporating hard work and dedication to your daily grind yields positive results in all aspects of one’s life.

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Bouldering Season Culminates at Nationals

The competitive bouldering season wraps up in the next two weeks as Open Nationals takes place Feb 2 & 3 and Youth Nationals Feb 9-11 in Salt Lake City, UT.  Both events can be viewed live at lt11.tv

Congratulations to all the climbers who crushed in Philadelphia at Divisionals and especially to Nicolas Ferree, Ronin Von Offenheim, Zach Blue, Del Hebert, and Audrey Polack who advanced to Nationals!  Good luck!

Results from Divisionals:

Nick Ferree- 2nd

Ronin Von Offenheim- 2nd
Bryn Shannon- 14th
Brynn Thomas- 17th

Carter Banning- 11th
Walker Barkstrom- 15th

Zach Blue- 1st
Del Hebert- 5th
Jake McCann- 7th
Paul Yang- 8th

Ryan Weickert- 17th

Audrey Polack- 2nd

Better Bouldering - Level 3 Class


Bouldering is one of the best ways to improve your climbing! Whether you are focused on pushing a new grade, become more comfortable with a certain type of terrain, or just looking to mix things up, Bouldering has something to offer you. Bouldering helps you improve your technique, build strength and power, and practice your coordination. This clinic seeks to help you make the most of your time in the cave.

Learn more about all our climbing classes at peakexperiences.com/classes.

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Fitness in February


In addition to our current fitness schedule we are offering a bunch of special classes this month:

  • Monday, February 5th, 8pm Arm Balancing Class
  • Monday, February 12th, 8pm Personal Training Clinic by David Robinson
  • Thursday, February 15th, 8pm Arm Balancing Class
  • Monday, February 19th, 8pm Arm Balancing Class
  • Tuesday, February 20th, 8pm Acro Yoga Clinic
  • Monday, February 26th, 8pm Nutrition Clinic from Pure Roots
  • Wednesday, February 28th, 730pm Foam Rolling Clinic from Airrosti.

*CLASSES are free for members, $5.00 for guests; CLINICS are free for everyone*

Peak Assumption of Risk form needed for all classes and clinics.

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TidalWheel Member Exchange - Feb 3/4

We're partnering with TidalWheel fitness over the weekend of February 3 and 4.  Peak members can take a FREE class with TidalWheel and their members get a FREE day pass with harness rental!  We're excited to be collaborating with local partners and we hope this gives all our members the opportunity to try some cross-training.  Offer is valid at the West End location. 

Beginning Monday January 29th you may use code PEAK on TidalWheel's website to book your FREE class.



NEW Peak Partners!



  • Goatocado is offering Peak Members 10% off purchases at their restaurant.  Not valid at food trucks.
  • Twisted Ales is offering Peak Members special deals on Tuesday nights!
  • Pure Roots Nutrition, a local nutritionist and one of our members, is offering $30 off her 25 day sugar cleanse that happens four times a year.  The next one starts 1/10 and registration closes 1/9.
  • Pocahontas State Park will be giving our members free parking three times a year, we will be sending out vouchers for free parking via mass email in March, July, and September.

For more details and to learn about all of Peak Experiences' Partners: