Find a Climbing Mentor through our REACH Program


The REACH Program is now accepting new clients for our Climbing Mentor-ship program for the 2018 Winter Season!

This program seeks to introduce the sport of indoor climbing to kids with special needs. We have experience working with many different individuals who just need a little extra help to enjoy all the wonderful benefits that climbing has to offer. We pair the kids up with an individual mentor who will work with them once a week, for 8 weeks. This mentor will provide a personalized approach designed to accommodate the individual’s needs and teach them about climbing.

Our program can work with a number of different types of needs. We began with mainly children who were mid-to-high functioning on the Autism Spectrum but now work with a broader range of needs. For example, we have worked with a variety of developmental disorders, physical disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, and injury recovery such as from a brain injury or amputation.

If you know someone who may be interested in this program, encourage them to reach out to George Florence for more information.

Check out our REACH webpage here.

The season begins the week of January 15th and space is limited. So act now!

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