Pure Roots Nutrition Workshop 2/26

When: Monday, 2/26 8-9PM  FREE

Class title: Fill Your Plate to Fuel Your Climb


Description: Did you know that the food and drink you consume throughout the day can boost your energy levels or deplete them? Support sustained mental focus or contribute to a foggy brain? Can make your digestive system inflamed or smooth and predictable? Build and heal muscle faster or contribute to a stifled recovery? Come learn how to simply fill up your plate day-to-day with foods that work for you. And know this isn’t about dieting or calorie counting, but rather consistently eating wholesome foods that truly fuel you so you can focus on what really matters – climbing.

Both vegetarians and meat eaters are welcome!

About Shelly

Shelly Rose is a Nutritionist and Natural Foods Chef. She’s the owner of Pure Roots Nutrition, which is dedicated to fueling the lifestyles of outdoor adventurers and fitness enthusiasts. She teaches hands-on practical skills and the knowledge needed to cook real food, eat well, and live a life you love. She applies these concepts to her own daily life so she can spend more time backpacking, trail running, kayaking, and climbing to her heart's content.

Peak members get discounts on Pure Root's seasonal Guided Sugar Cleanses ($30 off) as well as on 1-1 consults (15% off; openings are limited). Email Shelly for details.

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