Training Talk w/ Dave Robinson of Get Strapped, Stay Strapped


February 12 at 8 pm FREE
Peak Midlothian

Let's do "Efficient Dietary and Training Principles for Optimal Performance"

"Many of us are aware of the importance of exercise and eating well both for long term health as well as performance… but, beyond that understanding, how do you really know that the work you’re doing in the gym and what you’re eating is ACTUALLY getting you closer to your health and fitness goals?" 

Dave Robinson of Get Strapped Stay Strapped discusses how to discover your “Why”, the importance of setting proper goals, and what you can do both in the gym and in the kitchen to help you most efficiently reach the goals you set!"

Dave provides 12 week individualized goal oriented training programs and is offering Peak Members 10% off!  Contact Dave through Facebook and his website.

Bio - Dave Robinson is an elite Spartan Obstacle Course Racer and fitness consultant that founded his inspirational, life-changing company Get Strapped Stay Strapped in late 2016. Making waves in the fitness industry with his deep passion for nutrition, exercise and wellness, Dave is constantly pushing himself as well as others to realize their maximum potential.  Dave’s philosophy derives from his tag line “Grind On” where incorporating hard work and dedication to your daily grind yields positive results in all aspects of one’s life.

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