Women's Climbing Clinic 6/2-6/7

Women’s Climbing Clinic at PeakRVA 


This summer we’ll be providing space for a small group of women to meet over the course of a week. These sessions will be coached by competitive team coach Mallory Noe-Payne. Put June 2-7 on your calendar! 

What is this? 

-A three day clinic focused on the fundamentals of how to climb well, how to climb smart, and how to improve (And no, fundamental doesn’t mean beginner, it means important)
-A chance to get some individualized coaching and pinpoint your biggest area of improvement (Hint, it’s not that you’re too weak or too short)
-A social space to share beta with, give feedback to, and learn from other motivated women
-This is for any climber who identifies as a woman - of any age, size, shape, color or sexual orientation.