Tradventure Weekend - Seneca Rocks


August 2-4

Tom Cecil of Seneca Rocks Mountain Guide is hosting a Tradventure Weekend for Peak Members and their guests.


-Friday night self rescue clinic
-Saturday and Sunday private guiding by certified guides
-Camping and Dinner
-Awesome times hanging out at the crag!

Sign up with Tom Cecil

Open to all Peak members and their guests.
Limit 9 minimum, 15 maximum.

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Women's Climbing Clinic 6/2-6/7

Women’s Climbing Clinic at PeakRVA 


This summer we’ll be providing space for a small group of women to meet over the course of a week. These sessions will be coached by competitive team coach Mallory Noe-Payne. Put June 2-7 on your calendar! 

What is this? 

-A three day clinic focused on the fundamentals of how to climb well, how to climb smart, and how to improve (And no, fundamental doesn’t mean beginner, it means important)
-A chance to get some individualized coaching and pinpoint your biggest area of improvement (Hint, it’s not that you’re too weak or too short)
-A social space to share beta with, give feedback to, and learn from other motivated women
-This is for any climber who identifies as a woman - of any age, size, shape, color or sexual orientation.

Get Fit While You Visit!

Visiting RVA this holiday season? All Day Passes include Fitness + YoGA Classes until 12/31.

Drop in for all Fitness + YOGA Classes is only $5.00 per class!

Holiday Class Schedule:



  • MON DEC. 31 - ONLY YOGA 12PM-1PM

  • TUES JAN. 1 - ONLY TRX 6-6:30PM, BOSU 6:30-7PM, YOGA 7:15-8:15PM


Spanish Belay Classes - Sundays @ PeakRVA


Beginning this Sunday 9/16 and continuing Sundays through the fall, Peak Manager and fluent Spanish speaker Tristian Sardelis will be teaching our Learn the Ropes Belay class in Spanish. The first class will start at 4pm and he will continue running classes on the hour until the gym closes at 9pm.

Walk-ins welcome. Cost: $40/person.

Learn more about the Learn the Ropes class on our PeakRVA Instruction page.

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Whipper Therapy Class Back in April


We are offering our Level 3 class Whipper Therapy again starting April 4th! 

Lead falls are scary! This class will help you confront these concerns from both the climbing and belaying side of things. Through practice, we help you work on good technique for falling and giving your climber a nice, soft catch. 

For more information about all climbing classes please visit

This class is only around for a limited time so sign-up today!

Crack Climbing - Level 3 Class


Spring is fast approaching which means it time to get back outside! Cracks are a very common feature in most outdoor crags and require a unique approach to conquer. This class will give you a new set a skills to apply to your next outdoor climbing adventure.  This class is only around for a limited time so sign up today!

Learn more about all our climbing classes at

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Better Bouldering - Level 3 Class


Bouldering is one of the best ways to improve your climbing! Whether you are focused on pushing a new grade, become more comfortable with a certain type of terrain, or just looking to mix things up, Bouldering has something to offer you. Bouldering helps you improve your technique, build strength and power, and practice your coordination. This clinic seeks to help you make the most of your time in the cave.

Learn more about all our climbing classes at

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Whipper Therapy - Level 3 Class Offering


 Level 3 classes are kicking off with Whipper Therapy! 

Back by popular demand, this class works to improve your comfort with falling and catching falls while Lead climbing. Whether you are new to Leading or just trying to regain your head after some time off, this class is perfect for squashing those butterflies!

For more information about all climbing classes please visit

This class is only around for a limited time so sign-up today!

January Fitness Classes - New Year, New You!


Peak Experiences offers a wide range of fitness classes to supplement your climbing.  Fitness Classes are FREE for members and $5.00 for guests. 

You can learn more at

Updated Classes this month include Yoga on Mondays and Fridays, and Cross-Training for Climbers on Wednesdays.

SPECIAL - Foam Rolling Demo by Airrosti on Wednesday, January 31st 7:30-8:30pm - FREE for all!