River Week Information Sheet


We are psyched for another great season and looking forward to working hard and playing hard with this summer's campers. We are heading to North Carolina to conquer some of the best white water in the area. Come to camp with your game face on and be prepared for some hard-core coaching and fun.

Unpaid balances are due two weeks before the start of your camp session. For your convenience, we will debit your credit card with the balance due. Thank you for your prompt attention to this.


Monday morning, July 22rd, drop-off for your camp is 8am at Historic Tredegar & The American Civil War Museum - formerly Tredegar Iron Works - next to the Belle Isle parking lot. (500 Tredegar Street, Richmond, VA 23219) Please park as directed by our camp staff and meet us at the River Week check-in table. We will confirm your contact information, and you can meet our counselors.


Pick up is Sunday afternoon, July 28th, by 5pm, at Peak RVA located at 1375 Overbrook Road, adjacent to the SCOR facility.


This is an OVERNIGHT CAMP. Can you get everything you need into ONE large duffle bag? That would be terrrific!

• Camping gear: Tent, sleeping bag, bowl, plate, mug, eating utensils. Kayaking Gear and apparel.
Let us know if you need a boat.
• Bring a hydration pack or water bottle.
• Bring a bathing suit and rain gear, just in case.
• Bring whatever extra clothing you may need in the evening.
• Make sure you have a backpack to hold food and water for the day when we hit the trails.
• We supply all food, transportation, and camping fees. $25 cash should be enough to cover any incidentals a camper may need/want.
• Please label all of your belongings.
Please do not bring electronics or valuables. They are guaranteed to get wet, lost, or misplaced.


If you have any questions, please call our Camp Director or River Week Site Director. We are always here for you!

Kevin Tobin, Camp Director (804-337-7886)

Your comments and suggestions serve as our compass towards improving our program each year. Please complete our online evaluation form that will be mailed to you at the end of your camp session.