Private Instruction

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For the past 20 years, Peak Experiences has been Richmond’s experts on all things climbing. Climbing, to us, is more than just something fun to do on the weekends. It's a passion, a lifestyle, it is a sport that encompasses a wide range of skills. As with any lifelong activity, we often need some guidance to take things to the next level, and we are here to help.


Peak is proud to offer a Private Instruction program that can help with all of your climbing instruction needs. These sessions can be for a single climber or for a small group, with the material tailored to fit your requests. When you sign up for a session, you will fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand what kind of instruction you are looking for. 

Topics could include: footwork clinics, better bouldering tactics, dynamic movements, projecting, sequencing, slab climbing, steep or overhung terrain, crack climbing, lead climbing and falling, campus board or hangboard training, intro to outdoor climbing, adaptive climbing, and much more. And don’t worry if you don’t have a specific topic in mind. If all you want is personalized advice and feedback as you climb, we can do that too. 

Whether you are someone new to climbing who wants to get off to a good start, an intermediate climber looking to branch out or bust through a plateau, or an elite climber hoping to refine their movements or up their training game; we have an instructor with the knowledge and experience you need.

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own experiences and expertise to draw from. Take a look at the Instructor Bio’s, listed below, to see who would be the best fit for you. Keep scrolling to see the calendar of available spots. Click on the spot you want and follow the “information and booking” link to complete your registration.


Our Instructors

George Florence

Climbing Movement, Lead Belaying, Adaptive Climbing

How long have you been climbing: 15 years

Other Positions Held: Peak Manager, Head Instructor

Favorite Disciplines: Bouldering primarily but I do sport climb despite what you may have heard.   

Favorite Outdoor Climbs: “Hammerhead” V5 Horse Pens 40, “Escape Velocity” V8 Blue Ridge Parkway, “Johnny Be Good” 5.11a RRG 


Adam Korman

Sequencing, Climbing Movement, Lead Belaying

How long have you been climbing:  14 years

Other Positions Held: Peak Manager, Routesetter, Instructor, Head of Teambuilding

Favorite Disciplines: Bouldering/Sport Climbing

Favorite Outdoor Climbs: “Finders Keepers” 5.12c NRG,  “Toxic” 5.11b Smith Rock, “Too many puppies” 5.12a RRG, White Monster V8 Moore’s Wall, Dime Crack V4 Rumbling Bald


Brandon Williams

Training for Climbing, Climbing Movement

How long have you been climbing: 6 years

Other Positions Held: Competitive Team Coach, Instructor

Favorite Disciplines: Bouldering but I dabble in Sport and Trad

Favorite Outdoor Climbs: Betamax V8 Blue Ridge Parkway, South Pole 5.9 multi-pitch Seneca Rocks, Satellite Boulders Boulder CO.


Michael ClarK

Lead Climbing Tactics, Climbing Movement

How long have you been climbing: 10 years

Other Positions Held: Routesetter, Former Youth Nationals Competitor

Favorite Disciplines: Sport, Bouldering, Deep Water Soloing

Favorite Outdoor Climbs: Orange Juice 5.12c RRG, Gracias Fina 5.13b Rodellar Spain, Les Lamperie 5.12c Ceuse France, Journey to the Center of the Brain 5.7 NRG


Ashley Wilda

Climbing Movement and Technique

How long have you been climbing: 8 years

Other Positions Held: Competitive Team Coach, Routesetter

Favorite Disciplines: Mainly sport climbing, but I enjoy a good boulder every now and then.

Favorite Outdoor Climbs: Art of the Vogie V4 Stone Fort, Johnny B Good 5.11a RRG, Hippie Dreams 5.7 NRG, Jew Jew Fruit 5.10c RRG


Delaney Murphey

Climbing Movement and Technique

How long have I been climbing: 5 years

Preferred Discipline: Sport Climbing

Positions Held: Floorstaff, Instructor, Homeschool Coach

Favorite Climbs: "Void of Form" (5.9, Mount Lemmon), "Strike A Scowl" (5.10, New River Gorge), "A Brief History of Climb" (5.10b, Red River Gorge)


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