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What is the Reach Program?

Reach is a program that seeks to introduce the sport of Indoor Climbing to individuals with special needs, mental or physical. Through a variety of programs, we use the power of climbing to work on building Confidence, Strength, and Character. We started out as a program that focused on children on the Autism spectrum but quickly realized that our model could benefit a wider range of individuals. We found that climbing, itself, has much to offer for anyone looking to improve strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, decision making, social skills, and much more. To anyone looking for a fun, recreational activity and are in need of a little extra assistance, Reach has a place for you!

Who is a candidate for the Reach Program?

Our program can work with a number of different types of needs. As mentioned above we began with mainly children who were mid-to-high functioning on the Autism Spectrum but now work with many individuals not on the spectrum. For example, we have worked with a variety of developmental disorders, physical disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, and injury recovery such as from a traumatic brain injury or amputation. We don’t want to put too much of a label on who we can and cannot work with. If you are unsure of whether Reach is right for you please email George Florence to set up a consultation. 



Our one-on-one mentorships are the foundation of the program. This option is perfect for anyone who needs some personalized attention to help them succeed. At its introductory level, the mentorships consist of a 1 hour climbing session, once a week. This can be increased if you would like. During these sessions your mentor will have a customized game plan and goals for you to work towards. If there is a specific goal that you wish to work towards, we will work with you to make it happen.

When scheduling these appointments we prefer to set them for the same time each week. We believe it is important to develop a good routine for the best results but we don’t want to penalize you if you can’t make it in one day. So, the program is run on a punch pass system Prices vary based on the amount of sessions and the level of aid you require. **First Session is FREE**


Friday Night Heights:


This program is operated in conjunction with Autistic Avenues. Friday Night Heights is a social skills group that seeks to help youths improve their social skills by introducing them to the sport of indoor climbing and the social interactions associated with it. The program meets Friday nights from 7-9, operates in 6-week sessions, and includes a pizza dinner after climbing. Each week a small social skills lesson is lead by the certified pros of Autistic Avenues. For more information contact: George:  or Robin: 

Adaptive Climbing:


Even before the Reach Program officially existed, Peak has been helping individuals with physical limitations experience the excitement of Rock Climbing. We can use a variety of pulley systems to provide just the right amount of vertical support. While the system is strong enough to haul a full grown adult to the top of any wall, we want the climber to be involved in the process. The system is there to assist the climber in ascending the wall. We will encourage the climber to do as much as they are able, then we take care of the rest. We can also run systems where the participants can haul themselves to great heights, depending on their needs.   

How can I get more information?

Contact our program director: George Florence at

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